Traditional mobile app ad formats are becoming less and less appealing. This is because, in today’s fast-paced digital world, people’s attention spans are as short as an Instagram story. Businesses must come up with creative ideas to differentiate themselves from the competition and connect with their target audience. If you want to increase user engagement and improve marketing outcomes, playable ads are the way to go.

By providing interactive experiences with these ads, you can engage audiences and pave the way for stronger relationships between companies and customers. Playable ads have been gaining traction in the mobile gaming market for a while now. However, because of their amazing user experience and extremely high conversion rates, they are currently becoming more and more popular. Let’s discuss what exactly are playable ads and how they can revolutionize your marketing approach on Instagram.

What are Playable Ads on Instagram?

Playable ads are a type of social media marketing that users can interact with. The duration of these ads is very brief, usually between 10 and 30 seconds. You can think of playable ads as a mini-game. They are shown to be one of the most highly appealing ad formats to mobile gamers. This is largely because they provide interactive elements. The main aim of these ads is to provide users with a sample of what they would get if they downloaded and played the promoted game. Playable ads are usually distributed through social media apps like Instagram. Marketers can use them to advertise mobile games to a large amount of users.

With playable ads, users can test drive a mobile game brand experience, before committing to downloading the full version of the app. The developers of playable ads usually use HTML5. This results in rapid load times and grabs users’ attention right away or encourages them to take action right away. Users can either download the app right there and then or buy the app.

Why Should I Go with Playable Ads?

In the end, this gives users an interactive experience and gives marketers higher click-through rates. 

Higher Retention and Lower Uninstall Rates 

Engaging users with the option to “try before you buy” is definitely a terrific idea. Moreover, playable ads can lower uninstall rates by clearly illustrating to customers what the program will offer before downloading.

Compared to users who discover the app by chance in the Google Play Store, those who download the app based on playable advertising are more likely to keep using it. This is because the former generates more high lifetime users (LTV). So they are also more inclined to make in-app purchases in the future. After all, they know what to expect from the app since they have already tried it.

Removing users who wouldn’t use the app and saving money on ads that would have been spent on attracting low LTV users, helps marketers maximize their return on investment. These playable ads may have a little higher cost per install than a banner ad. However, they are a terrific way to attract high-quality users, which will pay off in the long term.

Availability of Advanced Analytics

Playable advertising, as opposed to regular banner ads, provides publishers and advertisers with extensive analytics data in real-time, including the reasons behind user installation and likes of an ad. This is because optimizing and tracking more moving parts is necessary.

For instance, based on how challenging it is to win the playable ad preview, advertisers can monitor the number of people downloading a mobile game or app. Playable advertisements can be evaluated, adjusted, and optimized for the highest user retention rates using this information and linked material.

Increased User Engagement

These advertisements offer a more entertaining and engaging experience than standard advertisements. Therefore, it has been demonstrated that they greatly enhance user engagement. At least 2-3 times more traffic is observed with playable ads. As we know on Instagram user attention is fleeting. So these ads stand out during the scroll, capture attention, and drive higher engagement rates.

Increased Conversion Rates

Since visitors feel more a part of the company and its message, interactive and playable advertisements frequently result in increased conversion rates. Additionally, users are more likely to use discount coupons they receive at the end of their trip since they feel as though they have earned them. Rhym offers conversion lifts ranging from at least 50% to 100% or higher, contingent on the items and brand.

Improved Targeting and Personalization

By using these ad formats, marketers can collect insightful user data that can be utilized to improve ad targeting and customize content. Brands will possess individualized information, such as the items they viewed, the places they clicked, and the ingredients or reviews they were most interested in.

The extensive analytics offered by Instagram’s advertising platform let you monitor your playable advertisements’ performance in real-time. When you examine KPIs like conversion rates, completion rates, and engagement rates, you can refine and maximize the performance of your initiatives.

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