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Interactive and playable ads can be more effective than traditional ads under certain conditions, according to research. Here are some key findings:

  1. Interactivity and Engagement: Interactive ads that allow users to engage actively with the content can increase user involvement and perceived control, leading to more positive attitudes towards the advertised products (Hu & Wise, 2021). Interactive video ads, such as those allowing viewers to skip or choose the advertisement, can enhance user experience without diminishing ad effectiveness (Bellman et al., 2020).

  2. Brand Attitude and Recall: Playable ads, which combine interactivity with gamification, enhance consumers’ perceived control and reduce psychological reactance, improving attitudes toward the brand and ad recall (Hu & Wise, 2021).

  3. Comparative Effectiveness: Studies comparing advergames on PCs to traditional TV commercials and interactive TV commercials have shown that while there are no significant differences in persuasive effects (measured by brand attitude), advergames can be a viable alternative to traditional ads due to similar levels of telepresence and involvement (Bellman et al., 2014).

  4. Context and User Involvement: The context in which ads are shown and the involvement of the user significantly affect the effectiveness of interactive ads. For example, ads that match the content’s emotional tone or that are highly relevant to the user’s current needs can see improved effectiveness (Belanche et al., 2017).

In conclusion, while playable and interactive ads offer unique advantages, especially in user engagement and control, their effectiveness compared to traditional ads depends significantly on the context of their use and the specific design features that enhance user experience.


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Playable Maker - Elevate Ads, Engage Audiences:PlayableMaker Delivers Impact. | Product Hunt
Playable Maker - Elevate ads, engage audiences: delivering impact | Product Hunt

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